How to Get Steam Cards at Walmart : A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to expand your Steam library or the perfect gift for a gaming enthusiast? Look no further than your nearest Walmart! Our comprehensive guide on “How to Get Steam Cards at Walmart” is designed to help you navigate the process with ease.

In this article, we delve into the essentials of Steam Cards, a popular choice among gamers for accessing a wide range of games, downloadable content (DLC), and other digital delights on the Steam platform. With Walmart’s wide availability and convenience, getting these cards is easier than ever.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the digital gaming world, our guide is designed to provide you with all the information you need to buy a Steam Card at Walmart, both in-store and online. Read on to unlock a world of gaming with just a few simple steps.

What Are Steam Cards?

Steam Cards, commonly known as Steam Gift Cards, are an essential tool for gamers looking to expand their digital library on the Steam platform.

These cards act as prepaid vouchers, allowing users to deposit funds into their Steam wallet.

These funds can then be used to purchase a wide range of digital content, including video games, downloadable content (DLC), software, and other in-game items available on the Steam platform.

Available in various denominations, Steam cards cater to a range of needs and budgets. You can usually find them in amounts like $10, $20, $50, and sometimes higher, offering flexibility for a variety of purchases.

This variety in denominations ensures that there is a suitable option for everyone, whether they are making small in-game purchases or investing in major game releases.

Not only for personal use, Steam cards are also popular as gifts. Given the vast and varied content available on Steam, choosing a specific game or DLC as a gift can be challenging.

Steam cards prevent this problem by allowing the recipient to choose exactly what they want.

This makes them an ideal, flexible gift for gamers, removing the guesswork and ensuring the recipient gets something they’ll really enjoy.

For personal use, Steam Cards offer a way to effectively manage gaming expenses.

Using these prepaid cards, users can set a budget for their gaming activities, avoiding the need to link a credit card directly to their Steam account.

This is especially beneficial for parents who want to control their children’s gaming spending or for individuals who are cautious about online security and prefer not to use credit cards directly on gaming platforms.

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Does Walmart Sell Steam Cards?

Yes, Walmart is one of the main retailers selling Steam cards, making them easily accessible to a wide audience.

Steam gift cards at Walmart are available in different denominations, such as $10, $20, $50, and sometimes higher, to cater to different needs and preferences.

This range of value makes them suitable for a variety of uses, whether it’s to buy a specific game, add funds to a Steam wallet, or give them as a gift.

In Walmart’s physical stores, you can usually find Steam cards in the electronics section. It is often displayed near gaming consoles, accessories, or other types of gift cards.

This makes it convenient for buyers to carry a Steam Card when purchasing other electronics or gaming items. It is important to note that the availability of specific denominations may vary from store to store.

In addition to in-store purchases, Walmart also offers Steam Cards through their online platform.

This option is especially useful for those who prefer the convenience of online shopping or are looking for a quick way to send a digital gift.

When purchasing from Walmart’s website, you can choose to have a Steam Card delivered to your email or the recipient’s email, often in the form of a digital code, which can then be redeemed on the Steam platform.

Additionally, shopping at Walmart can be beneficial for Steam cards due to Walmart’s large network of stores and its reputation for reliability.

This accessibility ensures that gamers or gift givers can easily obtain a Steam Card, whether they choose to purchase in person or online.

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How to Get Steam Cards at Walmart?

How to Get Steam Cards at Walmart

Getting Steam cards at Walmart is a straightforward process, whether you’re visiting a physical store or shopping online.

Here are the steps on how to purchase a Steam Card at Walmart:

At a Physical Walmart Store:

  1. Locate a Walmart Store: Find the nearest Walmart store. You can use the Walmart store locator on their website or mobile app.
  2. Find the Steam Cards: Once at the store, head to the electronics section. Steam cards are typically displayed near gaming consoles, video games, or other gift cards. If you’re having trouble finding them, don’t hesitate to ask a Walmart employee for assistance.
  3. Select Your Card: Steam cards usually come in different denominations, such as $10, $20, $30, $50, etc. Choose the card that suits your needs or budget.
  4. Purchase the Card: Take the Steam card to the checkout counter and pay for it. The cashier will activate the card at the time of purchase, making it ready for use.
  5. Keep the Receipt: It’s a good practice to keep your receipt until you’ve successfully redeemed the card on Steam.

Online on Walmart’s Website or Mobile App:

  1. Access Walmart’s Website/App: Open Walmart’s website or their mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Search for Steam Cards: Use the search bar to find “Steam cards.” A list of available Steam card options with various denominations will appear.
  3. Choose a Card: Select the Steam card with the denomination you desire.
  4. Add to Cart and Checkout: Add the card to your cart, then proceed to checkout. You’ll need to log into your Walmart account or continue as a guest.
  5. Enter Payment Details: Fill in your payment information. Walmart accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and PayPal.
  6. Complete the Purchase: Review your order and complete the purchase.
  7. Digital Delivery: For online purchases, Walmart often provides the Steam digital gift card in the form of a digital code delivered via email. Check your email inbox for the code, which can be redeemed on Steam.

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How to Activate Steam Cards Purchased at Walmart?

Activating a Steam card that you’ve purchased at Walmart is a simple process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to activate Steam cards purchased at Walmart:

For Physical Steam Cards:

  1. Scratch Off the Code: After purchasing the Steam card from Walmart, you’ll find a silver scratch-off area on the back of the card. Gently scratch this area to reveal the unique activation code. Be careful not to scratch too hard, as it might damage the code.
  2. Open Steam: Launch the Steam client on your computer. If you don’t have Steam installed, you can download it from the official Steam website and create an account.
  3. Go to ‘Account Details’: Log into your Steam account. Once logged in, click on your account name in the top right corner of the Steam client, and select “Account Details” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Add Funds to Your Steam Wallet: In the account details section, look for the “Add funds to your Steam Wallet” link and click on it.
  5. Redeem a Steam Wallet Code: On the Steam Wallet page, select “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code.”
  6. Enter the Code: Enter the code you revealed by scratching off the back of the card. Make sure to enter the code exactly as it appears.
  7. Confirm and Add Funds: After entering the code, click on “Continue” to add the funds to your Steam Wallet. The value of the Steam card will now be added to your account, and you can use it to purchase games, DLC, and other content on Steam.

For Digital Steam Gift Cards:

  1. Receive the Code: If you purchased a digital Steam card online from Walmart, you should receive the code via email.
  2. Redeem the Code in Steam: Follow the same steps as with a physical card – launch Steam, go to “Account Details,” then “Add funds to your Steam Wallet,” and finally “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code.”
  3. Enter the Digital Code: Type in the code you received in your email. Ensure accuracy in entering the code.
  4. Complete the Process: Click “Continue” to add the funds to your account.

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How to Redeem the Stream Card on the Steam Platform?

Redeeming a Steam card on the Steam platform is a simple process. Here are the steps to redeem a Stream Card on the Steam platform:

Step 1. Open Steam Application or Website:

If you haven’t already, download and install the Steam client from the Steam website. Alternatively, you can also redeem the card through the Steam website.

Step 2. Log In to Your Steam Account:

Launch the Steam client or go to the Steam website. Log in to your Steam account with your username and password.

Step 3. Access the Account Details:

In the Steam client, click on your username in the upper right corner of the window. From the dropdown menu, select “Account Details.”

Step 4. Go to Add Funds to Your Steam Wallet:

In the Account Details section, you will find a link to “Add funds to your Steam Wallet.” Click on this link to proceed.

Step 5. Redeem Steam Wallet Code:

In the Steam Wallet section, select “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code.” If you’re using the website, you can usually find this option under the “Games” menu at the top of the page, and then select “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code.”

Step 6. Enter the Code:

Type in the Steam Wallet Code exactly as it appears. This code is the one you would have revealed by scratching off the silver panel on the back of a physical card or received via email if it’s a digital card.

Be careful to enter the code accurately, including any dashes or special characters.

Step 7. Complete Redemption:

After entering the code, click “Continue.” Steam will confirm the amount to be added to your wallet and ask for final confirmation.

Step 8. Confirm the Funds Addition:

Once you confirm, the balance of the Steam card will be added to your Steam Wallet. A confirmation message will be displayed, and you can then use the funds to purchase games, DLC, software, or any other content available on Steam.

Useful Article:


This article provides information on “How to Get Steam Cards at Walmart“. Getting Steam Cards at Walmart is a straightforward and accessible process, perfect for both personal use and as gifts for gaming enthusiasts. There are two ways you can try to buy Steam Cards at Walmart, including in-store and online.

Walmart Steam Cards provide a flexible solution for both personal gaming expenses and thoughtful gifts for others, serving as an easy and secure method to load funds into the Steam Wallet.

This article emphasizes the ease of getting these cards at Walmart, which are available in different denominations to suit different budgets and needs. Whether purchased in-store or online, Walmart’s Steam Cards cater to the diverse preferences of gamers, ensuring they have access to a wide range of digital content on the Steam platform.


What are Steam Gift Cards?

Steam Gift Cards are prepaid vouchers that can be used to add funds to a Steam Wallet. This balance can then be used to purchase games, DLC, and other digital content on the Steam platform.

What Is a Steam Card at Walmart?

A Steam Card at Walmart is a prepaid gift card used to add funds to a Steam Wallet for purchasing games, DLC, and other digital content on the Steam platform. They are available in various denominations and can be bought in Walmart’s physical stores or online.

Can I Buy Steam Gift Cards at Walmart?

Yes, you can buy Steam Gift Cards at Walmart. They are available in various denominations to suit different needs and preferences.

Does Walmart Carry Steam Cards?

Yes, Walmart carries Steam Cards. These cards are available in various denominations and can be purchased both in Walmart’s physical stores, typically found in the electronics section, and online through Walmart’s website. They offer a convenient way for shoppers to buy games, DLC, and other digital content on the Steam platform.

Does Walmart Sell Steam Gift Cards?

Yes, Walmart sells Steam Gift Cards. These cards can be found in various denominations and are available for purchase both in Walmart’s physical stores, typically located in the electronics section, and online through Walmart’s website.

In What Denominations Are Steam Cards Available at Walmart?

Steam Cards at Walmart are typically available in denominations like $10, $20, $30, $50, and sometimes higher, providing flexibility for different types of purchases.

Where in Walmart Can I Find Steam Cards?

In Walmart’s physical stores, Steam Cards are usually located in the electronics section, often displayed near gaming consoles, accessories, or other types of gift cards.

Can I Purchase Steam Cards from Walmart Online?

Yes, you can purchase Steam Cards from Walmart Online. You can have a digital version of the card emailed to you or to the recipient, which contains a code to redeem on Steam.

How Do I Use a Steam Card Purchased from Walmart?

For physical cards, scratch off the silver panel to reveal the code and enter it into your Steam account. For digital cards, use the code sent to your email. This adds the card’s value to your Steam Wallet.

Can Steam Cards Be Used for Cash?

No, Steam Cards cannot be used for cash. They are designed specifically to add funds to a Steam Wallet, which can then only be used to purchase games, downloadable content (DLC), software, and other digital items on the Steam platform. Steam Cards and the funds in a Steam Wallet are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund, exchanged, or used for any other purpose outside of the Steam platform.

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