Where to Refill Helium Tanks Near Me?

Are you looking for a reliable place to refill your helium tanks? Whether you’re preparing for a festive celebration with balloons or need helium for various commercial purposes, finding a convenient and cost-effective refill station near you is a must.

We are here to guide you through the process of finding the best helium tank refill places around you.

From understanding the importance of helium in everyday applications to navigating through local and online resources for refills, this article is your comprehensive resource.

Let’s find out the most practical and efficient ways to refill helium tanks, so you can easily complete your next event or project.

Why Do Helium Tanks Need to Be Refilled?

Helium tanks need to be refilled because helium, a non-renewable resource, depletes with use. Unlike some gases that are synthesized or extracted from the air, helium is primarily obtained from natural gas reserves. Once used, it cannot be easily recycled or regenerated, necessitating refilling of tanks.

The molecular characteristics of helium make it prone to leakage. Its low density and small size allow it to leak through small openings in tanks or equipment, leading to gradual depletion even when not actively used.

Additionally, helium is an inert gas, meaning it does not react with other substances. This property is valuable for many applications but also means that once released it cannot be easily captured and reused.

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Where to Refill Helium Tanks Near Me?

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When it comes to refilling your helium tank, local options are often the most convenient. Depending on where you live, many places may offer helium refill services.

Here are some companies that offer helium tank refilling services near you:

1. Airgas

Airgas, an air-liquid company, is a significant provider of industrial, medical, and specialty gases, including helium.

They operate over 900 retail locations across the United States. These branches offer a wide range of products like welding equipment, safety products, and industrial supplies in addition to gas.

To find the nearest AirGas location for helium tank refills, you can use their online branch locator by entering your city, state, or zip code.

Their knowledgeable customer service team is also available to assist with inquiries and specific product availability.

This makes AirGas a convenient option for refilling helium tanks in various locations.

For more details and to find your nearest branch, click here.

2. NexAir

NexAir is a provider of various gases including helium and offers services such as equipment repair and bulk gas supply.

They cater to various industries and are located in multiple areas. To find a NexAir location for helium tank refills, you can use their website’s search feature by entering your zip code or city and state.

This will help you find the nearest NexAir branch for your helium needs.

For more information and to locate the nearest branch, you can click here.

3. Party City

Party City offers helium for inflating balloons and can provide options for refilling helium tanks.

They usually inflate balloons purchased in-store or online and can inflate balloons from other stores for a fee.

The cost of filling helium can vary. To find out if your local party city refills helium tanks and get more details, it’s best to contact the nearest store directly.

Click here to find your nearest Party City location.

4. Welder Supply

Welders Supply offers sales, exchange, and delivery of helium gas cylinders, catering to a variety of uses such as medical applications, balloons, welding, and more.

They provide services in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, including same-day delivery in certain areas.

Additionally, Welder Supply can refill or exchange empty helium tanks of all shapes and sizes, ensuring fast and cost-effective service.

For more information and to inquire about their helium services, you can contact Welders Supply directly.

If you are researching to refill helium tanks near me in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois this may be a great place.

To find a welders supply store near you, click here.

5. American Gas Products (AGP)

American Gas Products (AGP) specializes in the supply of industrial gases, including helium. They provide helium in various forms such as gas, liquid, and in various cylinder sizes.

AGP is known for its strategic supply deals, which ensure the continuous availability of helium. They serve a wide range of needs from balloon helium to industrial applications.

AGP’s services extend to bulk gas project management and on-site installation services, making them a comprehensive supplier of helium and other gases.

You can call them at 800-439-0100 or visit their website to get detailed information about refilling helium tanks near you or other services.

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Other Places That Refill Helium Tanks Near Me

Apart from the companies mentioned above, there are many places where you can get helium tanks refilled.  These places can offer helium tank refilling services, you can visit them and ask about them.

Even if they don’t offer the service, they can help you reach your nearest location to refill helium tanks.

Here are some places that can help you refill helium tanks near you:

  1. Party Supply Stores: These are perhaps the most common go-to places for helium refills. Party supply stores often have helium readily available for balloon arrangements and typically offer refill services for small to medium-sized tanks. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to check availability and whether they can accommodate the size of your tank.
  2. Gas Supply Companies: Companies specializing in industrial gases are another excellent option for helium refills. These suppliers cater to a wider range of tank sizes and are ideal if you have a larger tank. They often provide more competitive pricing, especially for bulk refills.
  3. Specialty Balloon Shops: Local balloon shops, while primarily focused on balloon arrangements, may also offer helium tank refills. Their services are especially useful for quick, small-scale refills.
  4. Welding Supply Stores: Some welding supply stores stock helium due to its use in certain types of welding. These stores can be a convenient option for refilling helium tanks, particularly in areas without specialized gas supply companies.
  5. Retail Chains: Certain large retail chains that have party supply sections might also offer helium tank refills. It’s worth checking with them, especially if you’re located far from specialized gas or party supply stores.
  6. Event Planning Companies: Sometimes, companies that specialize in event planning and decorations might have the resources to refill helium tanks or could direct you to local suppliers.

Tips for Find Helium Refill Stations Near You

  • Online Search: Utilize search engines by typing “Helium tank refill near me” to discover local businesses offering this service.
  • Social Media and Forums: Platforms like Facebook groups or community forums can be valuable for getting recommendations from locals in your area.
  • Contact Local Businesses Directly: Sometimes the best way is the direct way. Call local stores and suppliers to inquire about helium refill services.
  • Check for Bulk Pricing: If you frequently need helium refills, inquire about bulk pricing or loyalty discounts which can save you money in the long run.

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What Are the Costs of Refilling Helium Tanks?

The cost of refilling a helium tank can vary significantly depending on several key factors. One of the primary determinants of price is geographic location.

Depending on where you are, the availability and demand of helium can influence the price. Generally, areas with more suppliers can offer cheaper prices.

Another major factor is the size of the tank that needs refilling. Smaller tanks, like those used for party balloons, are cheaper to refill.

This can cost anywhere from about $20 to $50 for tanks that hold 8 to 14 cubic feet of helium.

Medium-sized tanks, about 30 cubic feet in capacity, can cost between $30 and $70.

For larger tanks, which hold 50 cubic feet of helium, prices can be significantly higher, often ranging from $70 to $100.

The supplier you choose also plays a role in pricing. Prices can vary between industrial gas suppliers, who may offer more competitive rates, and party supply stores, where convenience may come with a higher price tag.

Additionally, the grade and purity of the helium can influence the price.

Helium used for industrial or scientific purposes, which often require high purity levels, can be more expensive than helium used for general consumer purposes, such as inflating balloons.

Useful Article:


In this article, we have provided complete information on where to refill helium tanks near me. To find specific locations near you for helium tank refills, it would be most effective to use a search engine with the query “helium tank refill near [your location]” or visit the websites of local or national suppliers such as Airgas, NexAir, Party City, Welders Supply, or American Gas Products.

These platforms often have store locators or contact details to help you find the nearest refill station. Additionally, asking for recommendations in local business directories, community forums, or social media can also provide valuable local insights.


Where Can I Refill Helium Tanks?

You can refill your helium tank at various local businesses such as Airgas, NexAir, Party City, Welder Supply, and American Gas Products (AGP). Additionally, party supply stores, gas supply companies, specialty balloon shops, welding supply stores, retail chains, and event planning companies might also offer refill services.

How Can I Find a Helium Refill Station Near Me?

You can locate helium refill stations near you by using online search engines, checking social media and community forums, or directly contacting local businesses. Some businesses may have online locators or customer service to assist you.

How Much to Refill a Helium Tank?

The cost of refilling a helium tank varies depending on factors such as geographic location, tank size, supplier, and helium purity. Generally, the cost of refilling a helium tank is given below:

  • Small Tanks: For tanks holding about 8 to 14 cubic feet of helium, the cost is generally between $20 and $50.
  • Medium-Sized Tanks: Tanks with around 30 cubic feet capacity may cost between $30 and $70 to refill.
  • Large Tanks: Larger tanks, holding about 50 cubic feet of helium, can cost between $70 and $100 or more for a refill.

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